How Smarter Security Helps You Manage Multiple Business Locations

As your business grows, so does the work it takes to manage it—especially when you scale up to multiple business locations.

Managing multiple business locations is challenging. Your business is growing- your headaches shouldn’t be! Growing means adding new stores, warehouses or other premises, restaurants, people- the complexities can be overwhelming.

What if we told you there was a technology solution that could reduce complexity and give your team a single point of control for essential business functions including, security, video monitoring, employee access, and energy management for every location involved in your business.

Well we have the solution! Alarm.com for Business will save you time, money, and worries. Here are 5 big benefits you’ll discover:

1. Automatic Security lets you “set and forget” at scale

Protecting your people and property has never been easier than with Alarm.com. Automated security safeguards, which include automatic system arming and door locking at closing time, only need to be set up once. Once Lincoln American Electronics adds Alarm.com technology to your location, it takes just seconds to automate the security by applying a few rules which you can translate easily to the rest of your business as growth continues.

In addition, you can quickly create cross-location rules to regulate employee access, get activity-triggered smartphone alerts, or save energy by automating your Alarm.com smart thermostats.

2. Access control with user codes improves awareness and accountability

Outdated access technology is hard to manage and can create more headaches than it saves. Our smart access technology does the opposite, protecting your business with centrally controlled smart locks, easily managed user codes, and the option of a full keycard-and-reader solution. A single login is all you need to control employee access anywhere your business. What used to take you hours will now take seconds.

Alarm.com user codes are easy to set up, revoke, and manage in bulk.  You can assign employees to customized access groups which location(s) they can access and when—enabling you to streamline and scale your access control to tens or hundreds of employees.

3. Smart business alerts keep you ahead of problems

One of the most beautiful things about Alarm.com for Business is that it is proactive, alerting you to problematic or unexpected activity at any business location, even when disarmed. What a difference from traditional security systems which were unreliable with inaccessible, unhelpful, or non-existent data. The more locations you’re taking care of, the more valuable this becomes.

For example, you can set up a single “late opening” alert, then apply it to every location. You will know immediately if there is a problem, and be empowered to take action before it gets out of control. You can know right away if a door is propped open, if an off-limits area is accessed, if the building is accessed after hours, or even if a thermostat is tampered with. You can also set up highly customized video alerts to capture specific activity—take a look:



4. Multi-location video gives you a real-time view of everything

You can’t be in multiple places at once, so the bigger your business gets, the harder – and more important it becomes to see what’s going on. Alarm.com gives you a single video monitoring dashboard that combines security camera feeds from different locations, side by side, making it easy for you and your team to stay on top of things.

With so many options to view multiple feeds, it’s simple to monitor activity across your business in real time.

5. Customizable permissions let you delegate with accountability

Remember how you can’t be in more than one place at once? Well, the bigger your team, the more you’ll benefit from Alarm.com. With multiple levels of user permissions, Alarm.com makes it easy to give team members access to the features they need, and no more.

You can give a manager the ability to set up or revoke an employee’s access, but only at the location they manage. You can give your loss prevention specialist access to every security camera feed without giving them control of your smart thermostats. As the primary account holder, you’ll always retain the ultimate ability to adjust, customize or remove your team’s permissions.

Ready to save time and money with smarter business security?

Scalable, time and money saving, and state of the art, Alarm.com for Business gives you connected security, access control, video surveillance and energy management, all controlled with a single interface.

Adapted from Alarm.com with permission. See original post here.